Existing Customers get your delivery FREE when you refer a friend
Existing customers get free delivery when you refer a new customer using our rewards program. Order amount should be $70 or more to get the free delivery. Check out more details on referrals in our rewards program.
Loyalty Points Rewards Program 
1) You will earn 1 loyalty point for every dollar you spend on LA Indian Bazaar.
2) Rewards start after you accumulate 350 points. The more points you accumulate the more rewards you get.
3) Get cash back
  • $3.5 for 350 points
  • $5 for 500 points
  • $15 for 1000 points
  • $40 for 2000 points
We will be adding more reward options soon like gifts and gift cards to choose.
You have to create an account to be eligible for rewards program and get a bonus 50 points for signing up. Points never expire, so the longer you wait to redeem the more benefit you get.